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reasoning easier

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In a business, scientific endeavor or private life, it’s critical to make the right decision. Our digital workplace assists your decision-making process by a combination of artificial intelligence and collective intelligence to help make sound judgments and save time.


Creating artificial collective intelligence

Every good manager wants the best decisions to happen in time, at the lowest possible level. Instead of conducting endless, ineffective meetings, our digital workspace allows your employees to make fast and correct group decisions in your private cloud. Swarmcheck makes parts of discussions check each other for validity and gives you guidance on how to correct errors. If a similar problem was discussed in the past, even outside your company, you can skip large portions of the current conversation and jump straight to conclusions.

our mission

Better decisions, faster

We offer the most analytical and thorough method of conducting group decision-making which saves your time. Your rationale will be combined with validated reasoning from others and presented on an easy to understand graph. Proper connections and our algorithms provide that discussions check each other for validity and guidance on how to correct errors as the best expert would do. You can make a private database of company knowledge and leverage the accumulated wisdom of the crowd from outside your company.

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